December 2012
You Can and You Can’t Go Home Again
Ladies, the 4 Things You Need to Pack When You Travel
6 Things I Had to Mourn in Order to Live My Dreams
What else do I have to lose?

February 2012
How To Move All Your Possessions in Just 1 Hour

November 2011

Three Things to Simplify for Successful Minimalist Moving
Sexiness – The Thing That I Struggled to Let Go of and How I Finally Did
Four Easy Steps to Book Equillibrium
Quick Minimalism: Paring Down My Wallet in Three Easy Steps
Update on My No iPod Challenge

October 2011

Who Are You At Your Very Core?
Being Present in the Moment: My No iPod Challenge
A Personal Reflection Based on “Everybody Worships Something”
Quick Minimalism: Paring Down My Lipgloss
Minimalist Action Round One: Decluttering Before and After
Minimalism and Feminism: Breaking Free of the Lie Consumerism Sells Women

September 2011

Ten Tips to Walk More
Minimalist Fun: Kata on Kitsilano Beach
Downsizing for Freedom – Part One
Embracing Minimalism to Conquer Fear
Old adventures and new adventures


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