If you ever make a major life decision that goes against the grain, you should rest assured that you can always go home again.

You Can Go Home Again

If you leave “normal life”, do something different, and then decide to go back home, you will be able to get an apartment and a job, and re-connect with your friends. It’s easy to be “normal”, or to return to the habits that you had before. Conventional life choices are thusly named because they are in accordance with what society generally believes, values, and does. Mainstream ideas and lifestyles will always exert a significant pull on our lives, and this ensures that it’s easy to return to a mainstream life, whatever that may be for your community and culture.

“Home” is made up of a familiar group of people, places, sights, smells, foods, norms, and cultural habits. You can always go home because you know how to live in this environment. You won’t likely forget how to navigate home, and you’ll be able to quickly relearn anything you do forget.

You Can’t Go Home Again

On the other hand, your perspective has changed. Your horizons have been broadened. You no longer see “home” as a default, but rather as one option among innumerable alternatives. You’ll find yourself questioning things that you never thought about before. Why do we do it this way? Why can’t I get X or Y that I was able to find so easily somewhere else? Do I really have to put up with X problem when I could be doing something else?

Some people might be uncomfortable with your new attitude. When you talk about your adventures, you may find people becoming defensive about their own life choices, even if you never directly challenge them. 

Once the joy of familiar foods and places wears off, you might find yourself feeling a free-floating sense of ennui. When you do something different, suddenly everything is a challenge. For better or worse, when you return to the familiar you will lose the constant mental stimulation of trying to navigate a new life. If you don’t have somewhere else to direct that mental energy, you might feel a bit depressed. It can be oddly isolating to return home, because no one will understand what you’ve experienced, and after awhile they won’t want to hear about it anymore and you’ll be tired of trying to explain.

So Can You Go Home or Not?

The short answer is: I don’t know. I think the answer depends on the person, the situation, and the stage of life that they’re in. While home may stay the same, people rarely do and that’s OK. If you feel like you can go home, that’s OK; if you feel like you can’t, that’s OK too. Maybe there is a new home out there that’s just waiting for you to find it.