I love books.

I think that I love books more than I love reading books, although I do love reading them.


I love the process of buying books from start to finish. I love browsing in book stores, reading the backs of books, anticipating a scintillating read when I inevitably leave the bookstore with one, or two, or three new books.

Now that I live in Toronto and have access to great used book stores, not to mention great services like Book Mooch, used books on Amazon, and Abe Books I have endeavored to only buy used books. This has saved me a lot of money, and probably saved a lot of trees as well.

But at the end of the day, I always end up accumulating books, and letting great books sit on my shelf unread.

Oh, and did I mention that I also have a Kindle? I tend to use it for traveling so that people can’t see what book I’m reading.

I am moving in less than a month, so I have decided that now is the time to change my relationship to buying books.

First, I am going to define my goal: book equilibrium. What is book equilibrium? It is when books in = books out so that at any given time I am not increasing or decreasing the number of books that I have. I also need to ensure that the number of books that I have is acceptable. I am choosing an arbitrary number as my desired book equilibrium: three.


As you can see I have considerably more than three books in this pile. This is not even all my books.


So these are my steps to book equilibrium:

1. Choose a target number for book equilibrium. I have chosen three. That means that at any given time I have no more than three physical books in my house.

2. Eliminate, eliminate, eliminate. I have tons of books that I have already read and that need to be given away. If you see a book in these pictures that you would like to have, leave me a comment and I might be able to send it to you! I will be giving my books away on Book Mooch and to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. This will happen in the next two weeks since I am moving very soon!

3. Read, read, read. I read every night before bed, but I need to make more time for reading. I am going to try to read as much as possible over the next two weeks so that I can go back to step 2 and do some more eliminating. This includes reading the one or two unread books that I have on my Kindle.

4. Stop buying new books! This is the most important step. If I keep buying new books I will never reach book equilibrium. I am going to try this thing that I heard about called THE LIBRARY. What a novelty! Library books will still count towards my three book limit, but they will be much less likely to sit around collecting dust because I will have to return them.

Well everyone, let me know in the comments if you would like to have any of the books pictured. I have to start listing them on Bookmooch!