A quick update on my No iPod Challenge: It has been a week and I have stuck to the challenge religiously! I took my iPod out of my purse, which made it much easier.

Positive changes that I noticed:

I paid attention to my surroundings.

It was much easier for me to stay “in the moment” and enjoy my surroundings.

I was much less stressed because I had one less thing to juggle (physically and mentally).

I actually talked to people. What a friendly and personable thing for me to do!

I didn’t worry about missing my stop on the subway because I could hear the announcements.

I still have a long way to go in terms of staying present in the moment. I now notice my mind wandering and am usually able to bring it back to the present moment. To be honest though, it will usually start to wander again almost right away. I am hoping that staying rooted in the present moment is something that I will get better at with practice.

I got an excellent tip for bringing myself out of my head and into the present moment: think about feeling your toes. This has worked really well, so I am going to keep doing that as well as focusing on my breathing.

If anyone has any other tips for staying focused on the present, please feel free to share!