A really good friend of mine recently pointed out to me how much time I spend thinking about the future. She said: “remember, while you’re thinking about the next big thing, you are missing out on your last big thing which is happening now.” She is absolutely right. I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about the future, and sometimes I spend a lot of energy worrying about the future.

I have decided to really work on being present in the moment. I have two strategies to do this:

1) When I worry, I will bring myself back to the present moment but focusing on my breathing. I will remind myself that all I can do is deal with what is happening in the present moment.

When we worry about the future, it is impossible to act because the future we worry about exists only in our minds. The present moment exists in reality where we can actually act; we will always be able to handle the present moment.

2) I am going to stop listening to my iPod for a whole week. I mindlessly listen to music all day long: when I walk to work, when I sit on the subway, when I go for a run. For one week I am going to focus on being present and paying attention to the reality that is happening all around me.

This will be a real challenge. I’ll keep you posted.