I am a person who can very much benefit from minimalism. I have been living in my condo (with a roommate) for less than a year. I moved to this city with three suitcases and a bag of bedding. Later my parents sent out three Rubbermaid boxes of stuff.

And yet I still have a lot of clutter. I want to chronicle my starting point so that I won’t forget how much work goes into changing the way that I live.

These are actual photos of my bedroom.


Don’t ask about the blonde wig.

I wish that I could say that I staged these photos, but frankly I am just really messy. Ask anyone that knows me. Here’s another before image of my room:


Annnd here is the floor of my closet.


Yes I have a small walk-in closet and I still manage to have stuff strewn everywhere.

That is where I started from. Over the Labour Day long weekend I did a major decluttering and clean up. Here is all the stuff that I donated to Goodwill or gave away to friends:


So here is my bedroom after the first round of paring down:


Yay! Much better right?


And the floor of my closet:


So much better!

I think that there is still a lot of room for “paring down and decluttering round 2.”

The Zen Habits blog has some great decluttering tips.

My technique was to attack my entire bedroom over the course of the long weekend. Since most of my stuff is in my room (because the living room is practically empty) this was by far the hardest room. I knew that if I could get it done over the weekend I would have a huge sense of momentum. It has been a month now and I definitely haven’t missed any of the things that I gave away. I’ve gained a huge sense of accomplishment and my room still looks similar to the after photos. It is much, much easier to keep clean. File that under the benefits of minimalism.

I have to move again at the end of November so I plan to do another round of decluttering and paring down. I think I still have some room to pare down before I have to make more difficult and emotional decisions. This round was driven by a relatively straight forward “when was the last time that I wore/used this?” thought process, with anything not worn or used more than twice since I arrived in Toronto getting donated.

I am also working on changing my purchasing habits, because all this work will be for nothing if I just fill up the empty space again.

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