I’ve officially given notice at our place and my roommate and I are looking for a new (cheaper and smaller) place to move into at the end of November.

I fear lighter already knowing that I’ll have significant savings each month to stash away for future goals.

I also feel a little worried. What if we don’t find something because it’s a weird time of year? What if we can’t find something that is significantly cheaper and I end up living further away from work and still not saving a lot of money?

I am choosing to focus on the positive things:

I am intentionally choosing to live with only what I really need.

A new location will force me to start cycling in Toronto, which will be great exercise and totally cheap transportation.

A smaller place will be a great excuse for not accumulating more stuff. I just won’t have room!

I’m an atheist but I hope the universe will see my good intentions and help me out here. 😉