Hello all!

Welcome to my new blog. I am going to blogging about my adventures in work, play, veganism, feminism, minimalism, and of course travel. Here is a brief summary of recent life adventures to date:

4 months volunteering in Gaborone, Botswana

9 months studying and interning in Hong Kong

Became a vegetarian

Masters of Science completed in Oxford, UK (at Oxford Brookes University)

Moved to Vancouver and enjoyed the Olympics

Late 2010:
Moved to Toronto to start an exciting new job

Early 2011:
Became a vegan

Early 2012:
3 week trip to India for a wedding and volunteering

I still have so much more adventuring to do! Over the next couple months I hope to restructure my life in order to travel more, learn more, and have more fun. I want to really push myself to accomplish some of my own unconventional life plans and I hope that I can inspire and help anyone reading to accomplish theirs.

À bientôt mes amis!